Using Trello for GTD, Scrum or Kanban

A lot of people are familiar with the concepts of getting things done, scrum and kanban. All of these require the discipline to actively manage a set of tasks in a certain way. The thing is that it helps if you have a tool that is super simple to pick up and just use and preferable on all devices. I have used several tools in the past like

All of these either are too simple, forcing you in a certain flow, do not have a good user interface or do not have a broad supported lists of devices. To me this is where Trello just shines! It provides the ability to create digital board with custom set of lanes where you can manage cards. These cards can contain lots of different pieces of information like a simple description but you can also add a label, due date, tasks and/or voting options. It is dead simple but still have enough additional features, has a simple multi-user, supports multiple devices either webbased or natively, is very responsive, is user friendly because everybody can use it and last but not least I can use my google account to login!

I like the fact that it does not force you to use it in a certain way as this is process flow and I don’t like it when a ‘tool’ enforces this. A tool should support a flow where imho the process is something that humans agree on and can be change very fast without having to adjust a flow in a tool.

So just check it out as I highly recommend it and have embraced it for managing personal, family and work tasks.

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