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I had the need to cycle through a set of webpages where some of these webpages need to be refreshed when shown. I can’t be the first to have the need for such a simple tool so I started googling and found This makes it possible to create a set of websites but it cannot cycle through the pages based on a timer and it often does not work as pages are loaded within an IFRAME.

It then occured to me than I needed something tab based and because I’m a Chrome addict I search in the Chrome extensions and found several tab based slideshow extensions. The following are IMHO the best. All cycle through the tabs based on a timer but have some minor differences

Tab Slideshow Plus

Best features

Tab Roulette

Best features


Best features

So as you can see there is not an extension that is best. Now add any of the extensions, load some pages, start the slideshow and press F11 (full screen).

Extension downloads

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