Benchmark MSMQ Performance

I came across an MQBench.exe Measures Time to Deliver MSMQ Messages KB article to measure MSMQ performance. After downloading the MQBench Command-Line Utility and locating the tool at mqbench\MQBench\MSMQRelease\MSMQBench.exe I noticed that the examples in the KB article did not work. The queue location was incorrect and needed to read the MSMQ Format names documentation

The following example sends 100,000 messages of 2KB using 6 threads. So this means that the given number of messages is multiplied by the number of threads.

MSMQBench.exe -sr 100000 2048 -t 6 -q .\PRIVATE$\msmqbench

Please make sure that the transactional queue exists as this tool will not create it for you. You will get the message MQPathNameToFormatName failed, 3222142979l(0xc00e0003) if the queue does not exist.

On my machine I got the following results:

Using -sr:

Total messages: 600000 Sent
Test time:      10.175 seconds
Benchmark:      58970 messages per second
Throughput:     120770326 bytes per second

Using -se:

Total messages: 600000 Sent
Test time:      41.215 seconds
Benchmark:      14558 messages per second
Throughput:     59629499 bytes per second

It seems that the -s option has the express and recoverable options reversed. The recoverable run is taking just 1/4th of the express run.

I tried testing with non transactional queues but I got MQSendMessage failed, 3222143015l(0xc00e0027) errors pretty soon and that required me to restart MSMQ.

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